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Measuring cloud security debt | Garrett Smiley | Cloudanix - Scale to Zero

Measuring Security Debt With Garrett Smiley

Garrett Smiley, our expert for the 15th episode of Scale to Zero, has shared his expertise on security debts, security organization setup, security development barriers, and much more! We spent a terrific time with Garrett learning about many aspects of security that you should not ignore.

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Risk Management in Cloud computing | Cloud Security Podcast | Cloudanix | Scale to Zero

Security debt and prioritizing risks with Aakash Yadav

“The entire organization is responsible for security; it is not simply the security team’s job.” We are joined by Aakash Yadav for this episode. Regarding security debts, risk matrices, compliance initiatives, etc., Aakash has provided a tremendous quantity of insights. To learn everything there is to know, watch the entire show.

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Mistakes in Cybersecurity | Cloud security podcast | Mel Reyes | Scale to Zero

Big Mistakes in Cybersecurity With Mel Reyes

It’s Scale to Zero’s tenth episode, and we’ve got Mel Reyes with us today. There are lots of nuggets of information about security in this episode, so you won’t want to miss it!
Here’s what we asked Mel in this episode of Scale to Zero

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